Another Hello!

Hello in Flowers-05-waves-

And this time, I come bearing gifts!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier, but I’ve recently converted my 100% handwritten ‘hello’ into an easy-to-use picture (against a transparent background, for practical application)!

So this picture here was created by overlaying it on a tiny painting I did while watching back episodes of Scandal. I figured it would add a nice touch to gift tags, greeting cards, wall art, or even self-made postcards (by overlaying it on a nice photo).

NYC Postcard-02

Hello from NYC (now I just need to get there) | Credit: Juxxtapose

I’ve prepared this ‘hello’ digital appliqué in black and white. Each measures roughly 17 x 9.5 cm, and can be scaled down to the size you want. Just click on the link, save the picture, and you’re all set!

Craft Update: Crocheted Clutch

Processed with Rookie Cam

Clutching my first attempt | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

This year I wanted to embrace myself more and be okay with failure. I don’t know if it’s up-bringing, or personality, or culture, but I find it so hard to be okay with failing. I’m pretty sure I often don’t give a 100% because I’m afraid to make mistakes. It’s not just about the failure itself. When it comes to craft projects, another huge concern for me is wasting materials. If I create something as it doesn’t work out, I wasted all that cloth or yarn or paper. This year, I aim to overcome these silly mindsets.

I dug deep and created my first crocheted clutch after stumbling upon bag straps at Daiso. It even has an inner cloth lining to protect the stitches from the clutch’s future contents. I wouldn’t say that I’m a 100% satisfied with it, but I think it’s a good start.

What do you think?

Hello 2016 (for real this time!)

After the Lunar New Year festivities (read: eating lots, and giving out lots of money in the form of red packets), the year is finally feeling like it is starting properly. And I mean that in the goodbye-festivities-hello-daily-grind kind of way.

While it’s always a drag to leave the festive period behind, I am slowly getting excited about what I can achieve this year. My first order of business, though, is to -ahem- get my act together. There’s been lots of flying around and being out of the country in the past two months so I need to sit down properly and sort out all the projects I’ve been in the middle of and scraps of ideas I’ve been planning on doing.

When I left it last, I had finally completed a crocheted slouchy beanie I would be proud to wear in public, and a lil bow headband for a baby girl.


Monkey is my model as I have no actual baby on hand | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

I’ve also been messing around with hand lettering. My hand-writing naturally looks bleh, so takes a lot practice to get words looking like I want them to. I’ve been practising a lot with a brush marker I got at a roadside stationery store in Hong Kong.

Processed with Rookie Cam

One of my best-looking handwritten words so far | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

Controlling the pressure on the brush tip is a lot harder than I imagined, especially when you have to remember to make the correct turns and strokes at the same time. I can’t tell you how many times my spelling has been compromised cos I was too focused on the actual writing.

Hopefully I’ll get up to more of these project so I can share them with you. And, beyond that, I hope to produce more patterns/design/content/anything else that will be good enough to be offered up as free downloads!

As Singaporeans would say, good things must share!

A Day on Lantau Island – Part Two

After taking in Ngong Ping Village, we headed to the bus terminal to catch bus 21, that would take us to the stilted fishing village of Tai O.


Towards open waters | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

We hopped on a short boat excursion which was mostly uneventful. Operators all feature Chinese White Dolphins as a highlight but do not be fooled! Sightings of the dolphins are very rare. What I did like about the boat excursion was cruising between the stilt houses, like riding the gondola in Venice except that the houses are old and made of wood.


The hubs took this shot from a gap between the buildings | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

Hong Kong 2016 - 65 of 126

Stilt houses where the people live | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

Another thing I liked about Tai O was that people still lived there. More and more tourists are starting to make their way there, but it is still a home, in its original condition, to many locals.


Charcoal-grilled eggettes – A must-try! | Photo credits: Juxxtapose

Lastly, and definitely not the least, these charcoal-grilled eggettes (蛋仔) have spoilt all eggettes for me. The day before, I had my first bite of eggette from Mammy Pancakes in Tsim Sha Tsui. I loved it and was ready to (ignorantly) declare it the best. But it paled in comparison to this traditionally cooked eggette from and roadside stall with no name. It was so lightly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. My only regret was that I didn’t eat more!

A Day on Lantau Island – Part One

One of the attractions that we saw for the first time in our recent Hong Kong trip was the huge Buddha Statue on Lantau Island. We took the MTR to Tung Chung Station, and from there it was easy to follow the signs to the cable car station.

Hong Kong 2016 - 23 of 126

The cable car going down was empty because the day had just begun | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

Hong Kong 2016 - 24 of 126

A looooong way up! | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

I think this has got to be the longest cable car ride I’ve been on. The distance covered was much further than I had anticipated. We decided to purchase return tickets for convenience, but a money saving tip is to get a one way ticket on the cable car (for the experience), and take the Tung Chung – Ngong Ping bus for the other way. The bus services on Lantau Island are reliable and straightforward AND information on routes can be easily found online.

Hong Kong 2016 - 30 of 126

At the start of Ngong Ping Village | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

When we arrived at Ngong Ping Village, or Ngong Ping 360, we were greeted by a remake of an old Chinese town, except it was filled with eateries and souvenirs shops. All in all, it was all very touristy, so we decided to walk quickly through the village (which was in fact a single street) to the end where the true attraction awaited.

As we approached the towering statue of Buddha, it suddenly struck me how similar it was to Christ the Redeemer. Both statues are enormous, and built to tower over you – like their are watching over you.

Hong Kong 2016 - 35 of 126

Looking ginormous even from so far down | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

Hong Kong 2016 - 42 of 126

Up close and personal | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

Another similarity was the availability of a chamber within the statue for worshippers to offer prayers, etc. And despite them both being ‘tourist attractions’, they are idols of sorts to which believers make pilgrimage to.

This was more obviously seen here on Lantau Island. We witnessed a handful of people kowtowing to the statue after every step up to the statue. One kowtow for each step, they slowly make their way up, either to show their sincerity in making a petition or in gratitude for a prayer answered.

Hong Kong 2016 - 45 of 126

Many many steps to the top | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

From the top, you get good views of the island and Po Lin Monastery, and a good chance to rest your thighs before making your descent.

Hong Kong 2016 - 43 of 126

Po Lin Monastery from the top | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

To be continued.. Part two of our day on Lantau Island!


First Trip of 2016: Hong Kong!

It’s been 8 or 9 years since I last visited Hong Kong. HK is one of those places that Singaporeans love going to for short trips over long weekends. There are always promotions for cheap flight tickets and there’s always an abundance of good food to eat there – both of which are things we Singaporeans love.

Hong Kong 2016 - 102 of 126

The view of Hong Kong Island from Tsim Sha Tsui | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

The last time I went to HK, my dad planned the entire trip, so I ended up just following him around and seeing what he planned for us to see. This time, we did the planning and got to see some new things along with the old. More importantly, we got eat all the mouth-watering delights HK had to offer. It was a 4-day no holds barred eating experience that I will have to pay dearly for with disciplined exercise.

Worth it!


New Year, New Books!

I can never resist the allure of beautiful book covers.

And speaking of reading books, I only completed a dismal 16 out of the 30 books I aimed to read in 2015.

May 2016 be a year of more adventures through books!